marzo 25, 2022
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After two forced postponements, the Barcelona Boss Sounds Weekend is back for the very last time! We know it’s been tough these past months for everybody, so, hopefully our event is something to look forward in the forthcoming year and a sort of back to normality and fun. With the dates changes we were supposed to change also the DJ line-up but at the end we managed to keep the original line up plus some high quality additions that will provide the best musical selection ever. Sadly, one of the DJs cannot make it in March 2022, and for technical reasons we are obliged to cancel the second r&b room we had planned, but this is a minor issue overall.

So let’s focus on the positive: 25th to 27th March 2022, two allnighters on a nice club, a powerful soundystem blasting fantastic records spinned by an amazing bunch of DJs you have probably never seen in mainland Europe before. And last but not least, the most loyal crowd ever. With the 99% of the 2020-2021 tickets moved for the 2022 event we cannot but mark the event as Sold Out since the very beginning… we are sorry for whoever cannot get a ticket…

So get your best outfits ready cos it’s going to be a weekend to remember, reggae will be king again in Barcelona!

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